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It's almost time for our travels to start, so we have finally packed the bags and they are ready to go. Just thought for interest people might want to know what kind of things we are taking with us ... We looked up for some advice before buying things so I hope we haven't done too badly but the most important thing is it all fits with some room left over in case I want to buy a few things when we are out there ...

Anyway I will list below what each item is in case anyone reading the blog is thinking of doing something similar in the future.


1. Dirty Laundry bag
2. LED Torch, picked this up from Amazon for 10 pounds, very bright and long battery life
3. This is a linen sleeping bag, very thin. Basically you use this if you end up in some nasty dirty bed you don't want to sleep in, which is quite possible if you're staying at hostels all over the world.
4. Towel, in bag
5. Wash Bag with the usual stuff
6. Swiss Army Knife - Always useful!
7. Padlock for the detachable day pack on the back of the rucksack as this will have the, netbook and E-Reader in it most of the time
8. Two World Wide Travel Adapters
9. Another lock, but this one has a detachable wire which you can hook around your bag, basically stops people stealing your bag while your asleep in hostels ... with everything we have with us I say better safe than sorry!
10. Repel 55% Deet Spray, this is for Indonesia or anywhere else there are mosquitoes or lots of annoying bugs. They hate the smell and it should stop you from getting bitten.
11. Glasses case, I will be taking two pairs with me so the spare pare will be in here.
12. Malaria pills, for Lombok in Indonesia
13. Travel Wallet
14. Berghaus Travel Bag 60 Litre + 10 Litre Day Sack
15. Various Cables for charging the electric devices we have
16. Kindle E-Reader
17. Mosquitoes repellent bands
18. Travel Pillow for all those flights!
19. Packing Cube - 7 x Socks
20. Packing Cube - 8 x Underwear, 1 x Swim shorts
21. Packing Cube - 4 x T-shirts, 4 x Vests, 2 x 3/4 Lengths, 1 x Shorts, 1 x Trouser x 1 Shirt, 1 x Hoodie
22. Acer Aspire Netbook + Case
23. Walking Shoes

I will update this post later on with links to where some of the stuff came from ... I don't really have time at the moment as we need to get the house packed up and ready to move!

Thanks for reading, next post will be from New York!

Ik ga op reis en ik neem met me mee:

Nog een paar daagjes en dan is het eindelijk dan zover onze wereld reis begint!
Volgende week woensdag morgen 10:30 vliegt ons vliegtuig vanaf Schiphol naar London Heathrow en dan om 16:00 vertrekt het vliegtuig naar onze eerste stop: New York.

Alle spullen zijn gekocht voor de reis en het inpakken begint.
Dit zijn de spullen die ik meeneem


Ik heb een 55+10 rugzak en Tony een 60+10 rugzak maar al mijn spullen paste erin na 3 rokjes en 1 jurk achter gelaten moeten hebben.

Tot de volgende update in New York :D

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Bon voyage! :D

by Marieke

Have fun with the malarone, I hate that stuff, although I'm not a big fan of malaria

by Chris

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